Does PLATINUMSARMS sell health supplements?

No. They’re strictly for laboratory use.

Are your products intended to be used during clinical trials involving humans or animals?

No. They are 100% not for human or animal usage.

Do I need a prescription to purchase from your website?

No. None of the chemicals found on our site are prescription drugs in Canada.

Are your products shipped in bottles?

Dropper bottles with calibrated pipettes are used for our liquid SARMS. Our research capsules are shipped in resealable envelopes.

Are SARMS illegal?


Are SARMS safe to use?

No they are not. They are research compounds and are not for human or animal consumption.

I placed an order and didn't receive an order confirmation email?

If you didn’t receive an email confirming your order it means you likely gave incorrect email information. Send us an email and we’II fix the problem.


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