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Research on RAD 140 is in its infancy and they are few valid studies on this particular SARM. However, there is a solid study that used RAD 140 on patients who were suffering from cancer related weight loss (1). The study used RAD 140 because of its unique ability to select and bind to the muscle tissue. The results indicated that RAD 140 is stable, has a high bioavailability along with a very high anabolic nature. Let’s expand on this…

The results of the first stage of the study identified those individuals with muscle wastage caused by cancer, had an increase in muscle tissue after supplementing with RAD-140. These results are very impressive, in terms of the way that RAD-140 can stimulate new muscle tissue when the body is in a cancerous state. The study also listed the following benefits:

  • An increase in overall stamina during long training sessions.
  • Quicker muscle development and performance.
  • Reduced androgenic effects on the prostate tissue, thus decreasing the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Used to treat muscle wastage- it will protect your gains.
  • Improves bone health and strength.
  • Only targets specific tissues i.e. bone and muscle.


How it works

RAd 140 is a powerful SARM designed to make the hormonal receptors (in the muscle tissue), act in a similar way as if they were getting a hit of testosterone. This mechanism sets off similar effects of cycling with steroids minus the side effects. Specifically, RAD 140 blasts the muscle cells with a mild increase in testosterone. This creates a wave of anabolic effects (increases muscle mass and blasts off fat). This scenario is similar to the impact that a larger dose of testosterone has on the body (1), but without the adverse side effects e.g. enlarged heart muscle, risk of heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Increases muscle mass

RAD-140 not only increases muscle mass, but it does it extremely quickly. Many lifters use RAD-140 to keep their testosterone level normal. Especially in between cycling with other performance enhancing drugs. The main reason behind this concept is that RAD-140 does sustain or increase strength levels in between these cycles. This is excellent for adding bulk. Plus, RAD-140 does not cause damage to the liver.  However, the lifter should time both cycles so that they have a ‘post therapy cycle’ period from all performance enhancing drugs. This allows the body to recovery properly and for natural testosterone levels to return back to their normal range!


Side effects

Interestingly, RAD-140 is often used an alternative to hormone replacement therapy in men with diminished testosterone levels. There is no risk of developing prostate cancer with RAD-140, because it doesn’t have a binding affinity with the tissue of the prostate.

* This information here is intended for educational and informational purposes only. THIS PRODUCT IS INTENDED FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. This allows you to do lab research with the product, it is strictly used for in vitro testing and laboratory experiments.

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