Ultimate mass stack


GW-5015 + RAD-140 + MK-677


Ibutamoren Mesylate is a medication used to boost metabolism and bone strength. This compound has been associated with vast health benefits, but strangely, when you try to search it online, you are likely to come across more discussion forums about it than actual clinical trials. This, therefore, makes it somewhat challenging to tell what it can do with typical online propaganda.


Cardarine is one of the most adaptable solutions out there in the fitness field. Especially due to its ability to be matched with several additional additives. Lack of side effect research aside, one cannot dispute its impact on sporting events


Research on RAD 140 is in its infancy and they are few valid studies on this particular SARM. However, there is a solid study that used RAD 140 on patients who were suffering from cancer related weight loss (1). The study used RAD 140 because of its unique ability to select and bind to the muscle tissue. The results indicated that RAD 140 is stable, has a high bioavailability along with a very high anabolic nature. Let’s expand on this…


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